Elk Antler Dog Treats


Elk antler dog treats in bite size pieces.  Ingredients:  Oats, brown rice, elk antler, egg, wild rice, cinnamon. All products grown and milled in the USA (except the cinnamon of course.)

Today I’m starting to offer my already home made ELK ANTLER DOG TREATS.  Many great customers love to make the treats up themselves using Betty’s Antler Mix, I’m so pleased about this.  But some of you would rather have a grab and go product.  So October through May, I’ll have these available.  Summer time shipping, we will see how it goes with the heat here in Arizona.  150 grams per package to start.  Shipping is going to hurt us all.  Add a package to an antler order and it will all fit in for $11.00.  Hope I’m doing this correctly.  BTW  I hand make, roll, cut, bake, package the treats.  Thank you for your consideration and supporting a small business.