When you really observe the world around you, you may notice something amazing.
That’s what happened to me and why I started Betty’s Antler Mix.

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  • 07 Oct Sweet Creek Boutique

    Visit this cute inventive boutique. Way back around a few corners in the shop, you’ll find a display with a variety of elk antler sizes, Betty’s Antler dog treat mix and hand crafted elk antler dog treats. Sometimes they are plain, sometimes with pumpkin or......

  • 07 Oct Americano Ammunition Coffee

    Elk Antler Dog treats available everyday! 6 to 12 in the coffee shop $8 for an 80 gram bag. Non Dairy Pup cups include a custom handmade Rifle Bullet Elk Antler dog treat! www.amerianoammunitioncoffee.com See Kevin, Sydney or Alex!...

  • 01 Oct A Message from Sue

    Hi Betty, I just want to share my feed back w/ you on the ground elk antler. Its is a wonderful All Natural supplement that I have been giving my 12 yr old lab in place of No good …. Which the vet had prescribed......

  • 06 Jun The long hot summer is here!

    See the list of events happening where you will be able to find me. The Sip and Shop and the San Tan Village Mall is open Wednesday through Sunday. My products are there and sometimes I am too. This shop is full top to bottom......