When you really observe the world around you, you may notice something amazing.
That’s what happened to me and why I started Betty’s Antler Mix.

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  • 21 Aug A Message from Rich

    My Rock Star friend Rich from Woodbridge, Illinois says: His family’s three dogs who are all different sizes, breeds and personalities notice when he gets a bag of mix out. They sit patiently and watch him stir and prep for baking. Then the three dogs......

  • 21 Aug A Message from Cordell

    Hi Betty, I wanted to let you know that I’ve noticed a change in Karma. She is not having difficulty getting in and out of my pickup any more. Also Karma is pestering me to get off the couch at night and play! She hasn’t......

  • 05 Aug A Message from Sue

    Hi Betty, I just want to share my feed back w/ you on the ground elk antler. Its is a wonderful All Natural supplement that I have been giving my 12 yr old lab in place of No good Rimadyl. Which the vet had prescribed......

  • 01 Aug A Message From Lauren

    Hi Betty, Yes we found your cookies at the Fontana farmers market. My dog really likes them and I think they may settle his stomach? Thanks! Looking forward to making the next batch for him. Lauren...