The Story

When you really observe the world around you, you may notice something amazing.
That’s what happened to me and why I started Betty’s Antler Mix.
My brother, Glen, has the family farm in southern Wisconsin. He grows Christmas trees, but there is much more than evergreen on the farm.
There is a barn built into the side of a hill using hand-hewn beams.
Truffles pop up; wild grapes and berries grow in abundance.
There are bees, a few eagles, deer, geese with their fuzzy babies in the spring, and muskrats houses in the wetlands.
You will also find a small herd of elk.

One of the byproducts of the elk are their antlers which they “lose” each spring and grow back during the course of the summer.

These antlers are collected and cut into a variety of sizes, and sold as natural dog chews.
For over ten years, Glen has been collecting, cutting, and selling these elk antler as dog chews.
They are in great demand because pet owners know they are a natural product, and their dogs love them!

A few years ago I noticed that the family dog, Brandy, would several times a day make her way into the antler workshop to lick the powdery reside left from the cutting of the antlers.

Hummm, I thought. I wonder what’s in this stuff? Why is she doing this? Why does she like it so?
So I collected a sample, had it analyzed, and it turns out the elk antler is packed with phosphorous and calcium.
Yes, Brandy the dog had found her own natural supplement.