A Message from Sue

Hi Betty,

I just want to share my feed back w/ you on the ground elk antler. Its is a wonderful All Natural supplement that I have been giving my 12 yr old lab in place of No good …. Which the vet had prescribed for his arthritis. The side effects of … was awful. He started losing control w/ accidents in house and the vet just replied that can happen. Along w/ the warning of kidney failure after prolonged use.  Just like people, prescribed drugs are No good for our 4 legged companions.

I want to THANK YOU for introducing elk antler in ground up form. I have noticed a noticeable difference & it has helped along w/ the all natural supplements I have been getting from Karen at the local pet shop. She has been super knowledgeable & current w/ all good quality foods, etc. to give our four legged friends a good healthy life. I will continue w/ this combination of maintenance supplements I have discovered as a remedy for Bear for the rest of his good living dog years.  I let people know all the time that your out there to help give any dog comfort in their lives. For the affordable cost of the ground antler as opposed to …, I feel quality of life & comfort is worth it. Dogs just want to please you & it’s the least we can do to give back to them. Karen suggested I send you this email. I’m glad to share my feedback directly to you, the source. I give you & Karen the credit, not the vet.

Many thanks,

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